COMSA Industrial and TFM to install 988 photovoltaic panels in Gran Canaria

25/04/19 – The Gran Canaria Council has awarded the companies TFM and COMSA Industrial, both part of COMSA Corporación, the installation of 988 photovoltaic panels on the roof of the Arucas-Moya desalination plant, located in the north of the island.

This photovoltaic installation will occupy an area of 1,600 square metres, will have an output of 272 kilowatts and will generate, per year, 416,000 kilowatts per hour of solar energy exclusively for the self-consumption of this plant. According to the Council, the new infrastructure will allow a saving of 50,000 euros in the annual electrical consumption bill of the site.

The works, to be carried out jointly by TFM and COMSA Industrial, are to be executed over a period of six months and are part of the ‘Renovagua Plan’ (water renewal scheme), which aims to implement renewable energy in 26 installations of the Island Water Board through an investment of 18 million euros.

Thanks to this boost in the use of clean energy, the island government estimates that it will stop emitting 17,423 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere each year and importing 4,700 tonnes of oil, in addition to achieving savings of more than 2 million euros annually.

Render de la EDAM de Arucas Moya (Gran Canaria)

Render of the future photovoltaic panel installation installed by TFM and COMSA Industrial in Gran Canaria

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