Support of sustainable construction

Sustainable construction is increasingly more relevant and, at the same time, our involvement in this concern is also growing. We continue to support smart building projects, which include our emblematic reference points: the Hotel W and the venue of Gran Vía de Fira in Barcelona.
In the Hotel W, COMSA EMTE has been in charge of the administrative concession and the construction of the Hotel 5 Star Superior, offices and cultural and recreational facilities as well as the project for the operating of the electromechanical installations. The air-conditioning system offers optimum comfort, operation and flexibility and is subject to the highest demands with regards energy saving. COMSA, EMTE Instalaciones and EMTE HVAC, companies of the Group, participated in the construction.

In the venue Gran Vía de Fira in Barcelona, COMSA has carried out the construction of pavilion number 5 following strictly sustainable criteria. EMTE Sistemas has developed an efficient system of integrated supervision for the eight pavilions and EMTE Service is managing the procurement of energy and engineering supplies for efficient energy management.

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