TFM builds its first solar power plant in Cape Verde

12/20/2018 – TFM, a COMSA Renovables company specialised in photovoltaic solar energy, has started up a solar power plant on the Salt Island (Cape Verde), at a cost of 1.5 million euros, for Aguas de Ponta Preta, a company that supplies drinking water and electricity. This is the first installation of its kind to be carried out by the company in the African island country.

The new plant consists of five photovoltaic systems, designed and installed by TFM, which are equipped with 3880 modules and have a combined capacity of 1.3 MW. Specifically, it is a 0.9 MW soil field, two on pergolas and two more on roofs of buildings on the same plot.

In addition, the plant has several technological innovations. On the one hand, 400 monocrystalline and bifacial panels architecturally integrated into the roofs of the parking areas. Likewise, the solar panels of the rest of the park are installed in a series with the aim of obtaining greater performance when there is little radiation. On the other hand, diesel hybridisation software has been enabled to optimise the efficiency of the plant in situations of greater solar variation.

The photovoltaic park, which is the third largest in the country, will prevent the burning of 486 tonnes of fossil fuels per year and the emission of 1768 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

TFM construye su primera planta solar en Cabo Verde Solar power plant built by TFM on the Salt Island (Cape Verde)

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