Termosolar Borges receives the Energy Excellence Award

The solar-thermal power plant at Les Borges Blanques has been presented with the 2013 Energy Excellence Award under the action/project category, awarded by the Government of Catalonia’s Catalonian Energy Institute (Icaen).

This is a joint project carried out by Abantia and COMSA EMTE in the town of Les Borges Blanques in Lleida. The facility has been fully operational since early 2013 and was inaugurated last July.

The award was presented by Felip Puig, Minister of Business and Employment for the Government of Catalonia, and received by Joan Gummà de Abantia, president of Termosolar Borges, during a ceremony at the Palau de Pedralbes in Barcelona.

Termosolar Borges recibe el Premio a la Excelencia Energética

Joan Gummà stated that: “This award is recognition for the companies that, like us, are carrying out innovative activities in the energy field, despite the fact that we are working in a complex situation, in terms of regulations and of the economic environment”.

The Les Borges solar-thermal power plant is, in fact, the world’s first hybrid facility to combine thermo-electric solar technology with a biomass unit, which allows it to keep producing power over night for most of the year. Because it is clean energy, it represents savings of 24,500 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year.

Altogether, the plant is capable of exporting 22.5 MW of power, the equivalent to the average consumption of more than 27,000 homes.  The aim of the action/project category within the Energy Excellence Awards is to recognise companies and organisations that have undertaken a significant installation or action in the field of energy saving or diversification or in the use of renewable energy.

Termosolar Borges recibe el Premio a la Excelencia Energética

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