Supply of 50,000 tonnes of forest biomass to Termosolar Borges

COMSA EMTE Medio Ambiente, the company responsible for providing the forest biomass to the Termosolar Borges plant at Les Borges Blanques (Lleida), has supplied the facility with over 50,000 tonnes during its first months of activity. Thanks to these figures, the company has become the largest supplier of wood biomass in Catalonia and expects to reach 85,000 tonnes annually.

Specifically, COMSA EMTE Medio Ambiente supplies the installations with trunks and forest splinters sourced from over 150 suppliers, among them forest service companies, homeowners’ associations, private individuals and public administrations in the provinces of Barcelona, Lleida, Tarragona and Huesca.

In addition to gathering wood, COMSA EMTE Medio Ambiente is handling the stockpiling operation at Termosolar Borges’ facilities, as well as the drying and grinding of the fuel.

Termosolar Borges is the first plant in the world to combine solar thermal and biomass energy. Sunlight capture during the day is supplemented by night with the biomass activity, for which the main fuel is forest biomass. Thanks to this hybrid system, the facility has the capability to produce renewable energy 24 hours a day. Termosolar Borges is a plant built and operated by COMSA EMTE and Abantia.


COMSA EMTE Medio Ambiente: Suministro de 50.000 toneladas de biomasa forestal a Termosolar Borges

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