COMSA EMTE and Abantia set up Termosolar Borges plant

COMSA EMTE and Abantia have set up the Termosolar Borges plant in a record time of twenty months, the first hybridization power plant in the world, located in the town of Les Borges Blanques (Lleida).

The plant, representing an investment of 153 million euros, completed the turbine synchronization testing phase in November and has already started supplying electricity to the grid. The installation of 22.5 megawatts of power will have the capacity to supply power to 27,000 homes, thereby avoiding 24,500 tons of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere; an amount equivalent to removing about 100,000 vehicles from circulation for a whole year.

This biomass hybridization system allows the plant to operate for 24 hours, thus achieving better use of the facility. Capturing sunlight during the hours of daylight by using parabolic trough collector technology is complemented overnight with the operation of the biomass, whose main fuel is woody biomass, and which can be supplemented with energy crops and agricultural residues.

The plant has 2,688 solar field parables, each one with a diameter of 5.5 metres and 12 metres long over the 96 acres occupied by the area.

Puesta en funcionamiento de la planta Termosolar Borges

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