New contracts for mechanical installations in Brazil and Poland

Bonaire and EMTE HVAC, companies in the COMSA EMTE Mechanical Installations business, have recently been awarded several projects in Brazil and Poland for clean room, air conditioning and fire detection systems, with a combined value of 10 million euros.

With respect to Brazil, the company AGC has awarded Bonaire a contract worth 2.9 million euros for the construction of clean rooms at its new manufacturing plant in Guaratinguetá. The company will also develop the HVAC and ventilation system at the new Hypermarcas Cosmed cosmetics plant in the city of Senador Canedo for 1.38 million.

Meanwhile, EMTE HVAC is implementing several projects in Poland, which together amount to 5.6 million euros. Amongst the work being carried out is the implementation of the climate system at the Narodowe Centrum Sportu National Stadium and the development of fire detection, public address and access control installations at two Ibis hotels and two offices for the Bouygues group.


Estadio Nacional Narodowe Centrum Sportu

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