Conference on the suspension of premiums for renewable energies

Òscar Aceves, Manager of the company TFM and representative of the Photovoltaic Industry Association (ASIF), participated on 15th March in a conference at the Association of Technical Industrial Engineers of Barcelona on the subject of the effects of the Royal Decree-Law which removes incentives for special regime generation.

Aceves analyzed the negative impact of the renewable moratorium, which he quantified at 54 MEUR for the year 2012. He also underlined the importance of recognizing the benefits of the potential of the photovoltaic power industry in Spain and drew attention to the great interest that may arise from the self-supply alternative (the capacity to generate and consume electricity in the home) if it is accompanied by suitable legislation.

Among the speakers at the conference were: Josep Canós, Director General for Energy, Mining and Industrial Security at the Generalitat of Catalonia, Josep Mª Guinart, Board Member of the National Energy Commission (CNE), and representatives of the Association of Renewable Energy Producers (APPA) and the Catalan Wind Energy Association (EolicCat).

The recent coming into force of the Royal Decree-Law 1/2012 has represented the indefinite suspension of the existing system to date of premiums for renewable energies in Spain based on the assignation of feed-in tariffs and the control by means of quota of the volume of new power to be installed.

Proyecto de TFM en el Fórum de Barcelona

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