Start of construction works on the first section of the Mondego Metrobus in Portugal

16/09/2020 – COMSA and FERGRUPO have signed the document verifying readiness for the construction project of the Mondego Metrobus section between Serpins, in the municipality of Lousã, and Alto de São João, in the city of Coimbra (Portugal). The signing took place on 11 September at an event held next to Serpins station and was attended by the President of Infraestruturas de Portugal, António Laranjo; the Minister for Infrastructure and Housing, Pedro Nuno Santos, and several local authorities. The COMSA-FERGRUPO consortium was represented by the director of COMSA, Juan Enseñat, and the director of FERGRUPO, Carlos Nunes, among other representatives of the group.

The project includes the construction of the 30 km long underground section of the Mondego Mobility System. A total of 13 bridges and 7 railway tunnels are also planned, as well as 17 double-track stops for the crossing of vehicles and passengers and 4 specific areas for the passage of vehicles. Among other works, 5 roundabouts for changing direction will also be built near the stations and 8 emergency accesses for rescue operations.

COMSA and FERGRUPO have also been awarded the project for the modernisation of the Beira Alta line, between Pampilhosa and Santa Comba Dão and the construction of the new Mealhada junction, as well as the new railway section between Évora Norte and Freixo, which will be part of the future Southern International Corridor, in Portugal.

Firma Acta Replanteo Metrobus Mondego

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