Gersa improves waste collection in Santiago de Chile

With the aim of improving the waste collection process in Santiago de Chile, Gestión Ecológica de Residuos (Gersa) has delivered four state-of-the-art refuse trucks to the City of Providencia. The vehicles will reduce collection times and increase service efficiency.

In the act of delivering the vehicles, Gersa manager, Antonio Quer, said that the trucks entail “a major technological leap for the waste collection process” and, among their virtues, noted “the increased safety for workers, the reduced noise impact of the work and the respect for the environment”.

In this respect, the trucks have collection bodies that are considerably superior to the usual ones, increasing the load capacity of the vehicle and, therefore, reducing the number of trips to the transfer station and also fuel consumption. They also have a control system which limits vehicle speed to 80 km/h, and to a maximum of 30 km/h when it detects the presence of operators on the footrest through weight sensors.

Part of the COMSA EMTE Environment business, Gersa is a company specializing in integrated waste management and which operates in the Chilean market. The company has developed two major projects in the Metropolitan Region of Santiago: the “Cerro los Cóndores” transfer station located in the industrial area of Quilicura, and the “Cerro La Leona” treatment plant in Tiltil.

Gersa mejora la recogida de residuos en Santiago de Chile


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