The new section of the Pyrenees Motorway (A-21) built by COMSA enters into service

05/12/2019 – Today, 5 December, the Santa Cilia – Puente la Reina de Jaca section of the Pyrenees Motorway (A-21) from Jaca to Pamplona, in the province of Huesca, has come into service. This section, built by COMSA, consists of 7.2 km of which 6 km have been put into service, increasing road safety, promoting tourism in the area and respecting its high environmental value.

Tramo Santa Cilia – Puente la Reina de Jaca. Autovía de los Pirineos (A-21)

The cross-section of the motorway is made up of two carriageways with two 3.5-metre-wide lanes, separated by a 7-metre-wide central reserve, 1-metre-wide inner and 2.5-metre-wide outer verges and 0.75-metre-wide berms.

The new section runs parallel to the N-240 and crosses the Aragón Subordán River through a viaduct made up of two panels 447 metres long and 13.5 metres wide. This unique structure, the largest on the route, saves the main light by reducing the actual light on the board by means of V-shaped piles.

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