Abacería provisional market in Barcelona, built by COMSA Corporación, opens its doors

08/28/2018 – The provisional market of the Abaceria, located at Passeig de Sant Joan in Barcelona, is now fully operational. On 20 July of this year, the new equipment, which building was carried out by the construction and engineering companies of the COMSA Corporación group, officially opened its doors to the public.

The infrastructure has a surface of 1,900 square metres and an additional 400 in the form of a mezzanine. Located between the Indústria and Sant Antoni Maria Claret streets, it houses a total of 43 grocery stops inside and another 13 non-grocery stops on one of its sides.

Within the walls, the hallways are 3 metres wide and the establishments are 2 metres deep. The central shops are transversally arranged to ensure a good accessibility and visibility. Likewise, corner shops have been built for the purpose of raising commercial interest and avoid having areas of inactivity.

The temporary market has a loft used for cultural and neighbourhood assemblies and is also used as administration and hygiene spaces for the market. The additional services, which include food conservation, waste treatment, air conditioning, electricity, water for human consumption, sewage, warehouses, logistics, etc., are located on the street level.

The provisional market has a translucent façade at both ends as well as in the central area of the building in order to maximise the light that enters the building and ensure that the activities that are taking place inside can be seen from outside the building. The structure has a grey colour for the purpose of enhancing the green of the trees and the flowerbeds surrounding the building.

COMSA Corporación group has built the building and supplied the furniture and equipment required for guaranteeing the optimum operation of the grocery shops. The total cost of the project amounted to 3.5 million euros.

El mercado provisional de la Abacería (Barcelona), construido por COMSA Corporación, abre sus puertas

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