Minister of Enterprise and Labour of the Generalitat de Catalunya, inaugurates the COMSA EMTE affiliate in Morocco

The Minister of Enterprise and Labour, F. Xavier Mena, has inaugurated in Casablanca the COMSA EMTE affiliate in Morocco. The new office belongs to EMTE Mechanical Engineering, a company in the business unit of COMSA EMTE dedicated to mechanical installations. The opening of this affiliate will reinforce the presence of the group in North Africa where it is already involved in other activities such as water engineering, fire protection and DTT.

The event was also attended by Joan Carles Pradell, Director General of Mechanical Installations of COMSA EMTE, Mohammed Chaib, Director in Morocco of EMTE Mechanical Engineering, and Albert Sala, Deputy Director of EMTE Mechanical Engineering.

The objective of the company is to establish a stable presence in the area in order to carry out projects related to air-conditioning, air treatment and fire protection, as well as to provide support to other businesses of the COMSA EMTE group. The company, which has started out with three employees, plans to develop projects in the biopharmaceutical, biosecurity and engineering areas in the country in the short term.
COMSA EMTE, through its company EMTE HVAC, is already carrying out air-conditioning projects in the Hotel Ramada in Tangier. Through the company Egatel, the Group is also working in Morocco in projects such as the supply and installation of digital transmitters for Societé Nationale de Radiodiffusion et de Télévision (SNRT); and through the company EMTE Fire & Security it has drawn up fire protection contracts in the Abener en Hassi R-Mel and Beni Mathar power plants. COMSA EMTE also works in other countries in North Africa, such as Algeria, where EMTE Cleanroom Technology carries out air treatment installation projects for clients such as Taphco and Roussel Santé; and activity in the water engineering area through the company Deisa.

Inauguración de las oficinas de EMTE Mechanical Engineering en Casablanca

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