Egatel leaps into the drone control systems sector

Egatel, the company specializing in research, development and manufacture of radio and television products and systems of COMSA Corporación, has decided to make the leap to the unmanned civil aircraft sector by aspiring to become the provider of communications systems of the project Civil UAVs Initiative, led by the Xunta and led by Indra and Inaer.

For this, the Galician company has developed prototypes of a radio modem, or communication link, which allows the remote contact between the drone and the pilot, which has the particularity of avoiding the hacking of the device. Egatel CEO Javier Taibo is confident that his technology will be valued by partners in the Rozas drone pole project. It also plans to market it among the main drone manufacturers and among the companies that serve the builders themselves. Taibo believes that the potential demand for this product is very high, especially in industrial safety, which expects to bill more than one million euros with this line of business from 2018.

This new system, which makes it difficult to pirate the drones signal, has been officially presented at the “IV Conference on Security, Defence, Mathematical and Computational Technologies” by Manuel Pozo Fariñas, Director of Egatel R & D Projects.

In parallel, the company has also developed a second product, a radio link for handling payload and aircraft applications, such as spectral cameras and sensor devices for sending information. This system is oriented to services such as fire prevention, control of forest masses, coastal surveillance and the detention of fishing grounds or discharges into the sea, among others.

In this way, Egatel is a decisive step in the process of diversification that began five years ago, with the development for Eutelsat of Smart LNB, the terminal that is revolutionizing the satellite communications market, by increasing the efficiency of the return channel, save costs and open the range of connected TV services and Internet things.

Egatel's headquarters

Egatel’s headquarters

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