Egatel celebrates its 25th anniversary

Egatel, the COMSA Corporación company specialising in the research into and the development and manufacture of radio and television products and systems, celebrates 25 years of operations in 2017.

The company thus reaches maturity and sees its consolidation as a leading manufacturer of TV transmission systems, something that has been made possible thanks to enthusiasm, effort and a firm commitment to achieving technological excellence. This determination has recently been rewarded with the INEO Prize for the development of the most innovative product and with the highest score, for the second consecutive year, in innovation indicators in the Ardán report on Economy and Competitiveness.

Egatel’s staff is currently made up of more than 60 Telecommunications Systems and Electronics technicians and engineers. The headquarters of the company is in Ourense, but it also has regional offices in Madrid, Argentina, Chile and Mexico.

Origins and evolution of Egatel

Egatel was founded in 1992 by Esteban Solleiro, a Telecommunications Engineer from Ourense, Spain. The initial activities were focused on the consumer side of the satellite TV reception and on the professional industry with the development of analog TV microtransposers. Shortly after, the company obtained a professional broadcast equipment manufacturer certification and expanded its range of products by creating a portfolio of low, medium and high power analogue and digital TV transmitters and transposers.

In 1999, Egatel won the contract for the first deployment of the DTT network in Spain, becoming the leading supplier of digital TV transmission equipment in Spain in the “analogue switch-off” for Abertis Telecom (currently Cellnex), Retegal, Axión And Aragón Telecom.

In 2007, Egatel began an internationalization process that resulted in a period of sustained business growth up to date, during which the company managed to sit at the forefront of the technological development in the international scenario, having been involved in the DTT network deployments of several countries such as Mexico, Algeria, Tanzania, Morocco, Argentina, Colombia, Kenya, Uruguay, Chile and Panama, etc.

In recent years, EGATEL has been implementing a diversification strategy heading off to the design of products and services aimed at unlocking new niche markets. The main outcome of this strategy is the SmartLNB, a product that is shaking up the SatCom market. Following this strategic line, over the period 2015/16 EGATEL has invested more than 3.5M€ in R&D activities and worked in different innovation projects in collaboration with other companies, universities and research centers, framed in the area of maritime communications, unmanned aircrafts and connected vehicles. EGATEL celebra su 25 aniversario

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