Egatel to expand the coverage of digital TV in Algeria

The Algerian public television service (TDA) has awarded Egatel a contract to extend the coverage of digital television in the country. The company, part of the COMSA EMTE group and specialising in the research, development and manufacture of radio frequency products and systems, will supply TDA with 42 stations for digital TV, transmitters and antenna systems.

To expedite the administrative procedures involved in the project, Egatel has benefited from the support and assistance of PMS International, a company with nearly 50 years of experience and extensive knowledge of the functioning of the Algerian administration and that of other countries of the Maghreb.

This project consolidates the presence of Egatel in Algeria, where in 2013 it was awarded a contract for the installation of a digital transmitter in Djelfa, on the edge of the desert. The company is also waiting for the decision on 3 more digital television tenders in the country, the processing of which has also been entrusted to PMS International.

Egatel ampliará la cobertura de la TV digital en Argelia

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