COMSA and its subsidiary FERGRUPO are participating in the construction of a new section of the Southern International Corridor in Portugal

24/01/2020 – COMSA Corporación continues to gain weight in the Portuguese market. Through the Consortium made up of COMSA, FERGRUPO – its subsidiary in Portugal – and SANJOSE Constructora, the company will carry out the construction work for the new railway section between Évora Norte and Freixo, which will be part of the future International Southern Corridor.

The project was awarded in 2019 for an amount of 46.6 million euros and on 21 January an agreement for the assignment of the work was signed, between Infraestruturas de Portugal (IP) and the consortium COMSA/FERGRUPO/SANJOSE.

Acto de consignación del contrato de los trabajos de construcción del nuevo tramo ferroviario entre Évora Norte y Freixo

From left to right: Juan Enseñat (Director de COMSA), Carlos Nunes (Director de Fergrupo), Carlos Fernandes (Vicepresidente de IP) and Antonio Laranjo (Presidente de IP). 

The construction of this new section is part of the National Railway Network modernisation programme promoted by the Portuguese government and co-financed by the EU through the European Connection Facility (EFC) programme with a 40% stake.

Among the actions envisaged in the contract are the creation of a 20.5-km-long platform, the building of a technical station, the construction of six railway bridges and also eight overpasses, three underpasses and two agricultural crossings. All this work will allow adaptation to a future duplication of the track.

The new rail link that will be built between Évora Norte and Freixo will make it possible to strengthen the rail connection between industrial and urban areas in Portugal, Spain and the rest of Europe.

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