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World Architecture Day

One of the main challenges of modern architecture is to design and build functional buildings that are, at the same time, efficient and sustainable with regards to the environment. Following these principles, COMSA undertakes emblematic building projects, both nationwide and internationally. The company collaborates with renowned architects, which contributes to increasing the value of its works and, at the same time, its prestige in the architecture sector.

The activity of COMSA is characterised by a high sensitivity towards the cityscape and the environment. In this regard, the company has constructed buildings following the most demanding standards when it comes to sustainability. Proof of this is Torre Puig in l’Hospitalet de Llobregat with LEED Gold certification or the OAMI (the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market) building of the EU in Alicante with BREEAM certification, among others.

In addition, COMSA maintains steady commitment to the new work methodology known as LEAN Construction, which issues maximum collaboration between the customer-architect-constructor to optimise its execution. Similarly, all its projects are characterised by innovative design, high employment of technological components and they include solutions developed by the innovation projects in which it participates, such as the use of recycled materials, the energy optimisation of the buildings and waste recovery. Recently, COMSA has inaugurated the Cultural Centre of Lugano (Switzerland), one of the most significant amenities built in the country in recent years. Dedicated to performing arts, it was built following the principles of sustainability and energy efficiency, since all its spaces are heated and cooled using the energy from the waters of the outside lake.

Furthermore, the W Hotel is one of the most distinctive buildings in Barcelona. Built by COMSA, it is located in the Nova Bocana area of the harbour of the Catalan capital on an area of 7 hectares. Its structure comprises 26 height levels. The façade, in the shape of a sail, is made of glass and it reflects the sky and Mediterranean Sea.

Another of COMSA’s emblematic constructions is the Museum of Memory and Human Rights in Chile. With an area of 10,200 square metres, it is a space at the service of organisations of human rights and citizen movements. The project comprises a building, the Plaza de la Memoria, a car park and it has an underground connection to the metro. As a result of its work and of the collaboration with the best architect offices, some of the projects undertaken by COMSA have been recognised throughout recent years in various prizes of the sector. These include the Ciutat de Barcelona architecture award and the special mention as a finalist in the FAD (Fostering Arts and Design) awards, among others.

COMSA y su apuesta por la edificación sostenibleSanta Caterina Market (Barcelona)

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