COMSA reinforces its activities in Turkey by expanding the tramway in Gaziantep

Gaziantep Town Council (Turkey) has awarded COMSA the construction of the town’s tramway line 3, a project valued at nearly 20 million euros and the company’s fourth contract in the country. The new layout will comprise a total of 6.5 kilometres of double track, with eight stops and three substations. In addition to the infrastructure, COMSA will also be in charge of the track’s electrification and signalling.

The construction of the new Tramway Line in Gaziantep will strengthen COMSA’s presence in the Turkish railway sector, where it started operating at the beginning of 2012. The company is currently executing two contracts for the extension of the underground railway in Ankara and is building Line 1 of the Circular Tramway in Bursa.

The works for the Bursa tramway include the construction of a total of 7 kilometres of a single circular track, 13 stations, a workshop, infrastructure and superstructure. Furthermore, COMSA is also charged with the final design, electrification and signalling for the entire installation. The new Circular Tramway will lighten the traffic load and will reduce atmospheric and acoustic pollution in Bursa, the fourth-largest city in Turkey and one of the most important centres for the manufacture of vehicles and machinery in the country.

In the coming months, COMSA will conclude the construction of two new lines in Ankara’s underground system, with a total length of 32 kilometres and 22 stations. Specifically, COMSA is completing the construction of the Kizilay-Çayyolu line (M2), 16.59 kilometres long with 11 stations, and the Batikent-Sinçan line (M3), with 15.36 kilometres and another 11 stations.

Tranvia de Gaziantep (Turquía)

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