COMSA Rail Transport increase its freight traffic by 8% in 2014 and strengthens its international presence

COMSA Rail Transport, the railway company belonging to the COMSA EMTE group and the French company SNCF specialising in rail freight and associated logistics services, has continued its growth trend during 2014. More specifically, it has increased freight traffic by 8% compared to 2013, from 8500 to 9200 trains, and exceeded a total of 2.6 million tonnes transported, 13% more than the previous year.

The company has also continued its expansion in Europe. Thanks to the entry of the French railway company (SNCF) as an equity stakeholder in late 2013, COMSA Rail Transport has carried out the transporting of goods between Spain and France for the first time. This alliance has also allowed the company to extend the provision of its services across the continent through SNCF’s Captrain European network of rail operators.

This is a new stage in the internationalisation strategy of the company which began life in 2009 as IBERCARGO, a result of the alliance of COMSA Rail Transport with the Portuguese company TAKARGO, which enabled the development and implementation of rail operations in Portugal, thus giving coverage to the entire Iberian Peninsula.

At the International Logistics Fair (SIL) to be held from 9 to 11 June at the Fira de Barcelona, COMSA Rail Transport will present its latest developments in the transport and logistics sector with its own stand in the Hospitality area (B-265) on 9 June. The SIL is one of the main events of the logistics sector in Southern Europe, the Mediterranean and Latin America.

COMSA Rail Transport aumenta en un 8% el tráfico de mercancías en 2014 e intensifica su presencia internacional (Foto: Javier López)Freight traffic of COMSA Rail Transport (© Javier López)

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