COMSA is to improve the sports dock of the port of Tarifa (Cádiz)

The Port Authorities of Algeciras Bay (APBA) have awarded COMSA the contract for the improvement of the mooring quay for sports boats at the port of Tarifa (Cádiz). The aim of the project is to modernise the facilities and expand the boat manoeuvring area in the dock.

To this end, COMSA will install six floating pontoons with “fingers”, three ramps to access these quays and water and electricity modules. It will also adapt the berths of boats for whale and dolphin-watching and will add a berth specifically for the port’s pilot boat. The contract also includes the demolition of one of the breakwaters and the construction of filler to facilitate the transit of vehicles on the roads that connect the pre-boarding area during the Strait Crossing Operation (OPE) to the control points.

The works in the port of Tarifa will start this summer and have an execution period of five months. The project forms part of a improvement plan for the facilities, promoted by the APBA, which includes the rearranging of the layout of the maritime station and the connecting of the fishing and commercial docks, amongst other actions.

COMSA mejorará el muelle deportivo del puerto de Tarifa (Cádiz)

Port of Tarifa (Cádiz, Spain)

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