COMSA improves safety on the road between Villalonga and Ador (Valencia)

The president of Valencia Provincial Council, Alfonso Rus, opened the new Villalonga-Ador section of the CV-685 road on 13 November, work carried out by COMSA to improve the connections between both towns and the main roads in the area, the N-332 road and the AP-7 motorway.

The company has carried out road renovation and strengthening, work which has involved an investment of 3 million euros. COMSA has expanded the width of the road to 12 metres, divided into two 3.50 metre lanes, 1.50 metre verges and 1 metre berms. It has also built a 109 metre, 1,500 ton bridge over the Serpis River.

The new route eliminates the winding route and facilitates road connections with the industrial estates adjoining Villalonga and Ador. These actions are intended to improve the safety of the road, which had a high accident rate due to its narrowness and poor road conditions.

COMSA mejora la seguridad de la carretera que une Villalonga y Ador (Valencia)

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