COMSA Industrial presents at the Road Tunnels Symposium the development of an integrated control system for the ‘La Línea’ project (Colombia)

02/19/2019 – The head of COMSA Industrial‘s systems and telecommunications unit, Antonio Martín, took part as a speaker in the 8th edition of the Road Tunnels Symposium, organised by the Technical Committee for Tunnels of the Road Technical Association, held last week in Barcelona.

Martín was one of the keynote speakers of the session “Improved tunnel management: Optimisation of equipment”, in which he explained the application of European safety regulations in the supply, installation and commissioning of electromechanical equipment and ITS systems for control, communications and radio communications for the ‘La Línea’ road tunnel in Colombia, a project that COMSA Industrial is currently carrying out.

According to Martín, the application of the European directive and the subsequent more restrictive Spanish transposition have increased the demand for standardised equipment that can be managed from a single control centre. “Today, the detection of an incident must trigger actions in the rest of the systems in the most automated and swiftest way and must only allow the operator to make certain decisions in cases where mechanisation could put users at risk, such as deciding the direction of ventilation in the event of fire, for example”, he reminded those present.

In this context, the head of COMSA Industrial highlighted that the ‘La Línea’ project, which joins the departments of Tolima and Quindío in Colombia’s central mountain range, will have the longest tunnel in Latin America (8.65 km), equipped in accordance with European regulations. Specifically, the engineering company is in charge of supplying the ventilation, lighting, energy, fire protection, rescue and closed-circuit television systems, among others, as well as intelligent control systems and a fiber optic connectivity network with the aim of centralising and automating the management of this equipment throughout the motorway. Finally, the infrastructure will be monitored from two supervision centres so that, in the event of a failure in one of them, the other can act on any of the installations.

“The ‘La Línea’ tunnels will comply with European regulations, will be fully integrated and will be among the safest in the world”, concluded Martín.

COMSA Industrial expone en el Simposio de Túneles de Carretera el desarrollo de un sistema de control integrado para el proyecto de La Línea (Colombia)Antonio Martín (COMSA Industrial) took part as a speaker in the 8th edition of the Road Tunnels Symposium

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