COMSA EMTE leads a project to improve the efficiency of buildings

COMSA EMTE, through its subsidiaries TFM and Despi Engineering, in collaboration with the nanostructured photovoltaic research group from the Institut de Ciències Fotòniques (ICFO), has launched ECOBuilding, a project aimed at improving the energy efficiency of buildings and optimizing their maintenance and operating costs.

The initiative aims to develop a new photovoltaic component for the construction and building industry that facilitates the conversion of energy (light-electricity) and can be fitted into building facades. This component will improve the energy efficiency of buildings without compromising the quality of the interior light, avoiding excessive use of artificial lighting.

ECOBuilding is co-funded by the Ministry of Industry and Competitiveness through the INNPACTO programme, which encourages public-private collaboration in RDI projects to encourage innovation, private investment, job creation and technology development.


COMSA EMTE lidera un proyecto para mejorar la eficiencia de los edificios

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