COMSA EMTE, committed to efficient water management

Environmental protection is one of the values that characterizes the activities of COMSA EMTE. Since its launch, the company has held sustainability and the protection of the environment as basic principles of all its practices. The current situation, marked by an increasingly more visible shortage of resources, is forcing society to rationalize its consumption and companies to develop efficiency policies destined to protecting this scarce commodity. 

Today, 22nd March, the planet is celebrating World Water Day. This is an ideal opportunity to bring attention to COMSA EMTE’s firm commitment to the efficient management of this highly valuable resource. The Group currently has three societies that develop water related projects and which contribute to its efficient use, providing technological solutions applied to integrated water cycle management.

Adasa stands out for its service model, which combines a highly specialized water sector with extensive technological expertise. The company uses technology to help public and private institutions carry out their activities in the area of water and the environment, from the maximum optimization of resources and an improvement in efficiency. A company of reference in information and communication systems, automation and control, water control networks, water quality and environmental protection, Adasa has delegations in Europe, Latin America andAustraliaand develops projects on the five continents.

Deisa focuses its business on drinking water and process water treatment, urban and industrial waste water, advanced chemical oxidation processes, as well as water regeneration. The engineering company develops turnkey projects that specialize in the optimization of water as a natural resource and which include feasibility studies, basic and conceptual engineering, construction, operation and management of plants. Deisa has broad international expertise, with over 350 projects carried out in 20 countries. It has an affiliate inAlgeria, Deisa Algérie.   

Together with Aguas de Valencia, COMSA EMTE (through COMSA EMTE Environment) manages Aigües de Catalunya, a Catalan company specializing in integrated water cycle management. Among the services offered by the company are the management of the municipal drinking water distribution system and groundwater treatment plants, as well as sewage services and operating and maintenance of irrigation systems. All Aigües de Catalunya services are focused on the optimization and efficient management of water as a natural resource.

Día Mundial del Agua

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