COMSA Corporación strengthens its activity in Eastern Europe with new contracts

COMSA Corporación reinforces its strategy of exporting its high specialization in railway infrastructures and civil works to international markets such as Eastern Europe, where it has recently increased its portfolio of projects. On this occasion, the subsidiaries of the group in Poland and Lithuania, Trakcja PRKiI and Kauno Tiltai, have been awarded various contracts for railway modernization and maintenance of roads and roads, valued at more than 40 million euros.

Specifically, Trakcja PRKiI has achieved railway works in different geographical areas of Poland. On the one hand, it will carry out the remodelling of 28 kilometres of track of the Nowa Wies Wielka – Maksymilianowo line, located in the north of the country, with the aim of increasing the speed of freight trains to 100 kilometres per hour. In addition, two stops and 15 kilometres of catenary will be rebuilt, and new traffic control, electrical energy and telecommunications equipment will be installed. The total value of the contract amounts to 12.5 million euros.

In the south of the country, the subsidiary will carry out the modernization of the station Wloszczowa Pólnoc for 13 million euros, which will include the execution of a new platform and a pedestrian crossing and the reconstruction of 8 kilometres of catenary. Trakcja will also take over the maintenance of the Zwierzyniec – Stalowa Wola line, located in the south-east, for more than 4 million euros, to improve the safety and fluidity of the rail network in this section. The contract will cover substructure and superstructure works along 63 kilometres of track and the renovation of level crossings.

Maintenance of runways at Kaunas Airport (Lithuania)

Lithuanian Kauno Tiltai has also expanded its portfolio with new pavement conservation contracts, its main specialization. In this regard, Kaunas City Airport has relied on the company for the reconstruction of more than 66,000 square meters of taxiways and parking platforms for aircraft. Valued at more than 5 million euros, this work, which also includes new lighting systems and video surveillance, will serve as an adjustment to the increase in passengers and flights scheduled for next summer due to the closure of Vilnius Airport, The main country.

In addition, Kauno Tiltai has also awarded several urban pavement renovation contracts in the cities of Kazlu Ruda, Marijampole, Sakiai and Kaunas with a total amount of 7.5 million euros. In this last municipality, the subsidiary uses a technology that allows the regeneration of the asphalt by the recycling and hot treatment of the existing material, thus increasing the durability of the pavements and being more efficient than the traditional systems.

COMSA Corporación refuerza su actividad en Europa del Este con nuevos contratos

An image of Malbork’ station (Poland)

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