COMSA Corporación drives innovation in the construction of buildings

Fomenting original ideas and curiosity, as well as the passion and capacity to challenge what we see around us to create new solutions and take advantage of opportunities. These are some of the values that mark 21 April, World Creativity and Innovation Day. These are principles also espoused by COMSA Corporación, a company with century-long experience that seeks to provide the innovation and constant adaptation necessary in a sector as competitive as the construction industry. This includes investigation in new technologies and new materials to improve its activities.

Most prominent among its recent initiatives is the HYBUILD project, which has received financing within the European Horizon 2020 framework programme. COMSA Corporación leads this project and works together with 21 European partners. It consists of the development of two innovative hybrid storage concepts for buildings: one for the Mediterranean climate that is directed mainly towards cooling systems, and the other for the Continental climate, directed towards the production of hot water and heating.

HYBUILD will employ constructive design solutions to make improvements in the efficiency of air conditioning in buildings and in batteries for the storage of compact energy. This procedure will be managed via advanced control systems and will allow an annual saving of between 20% and 40% in buildings located in countries with a Mediterranean climate as well as in those with a Continental climate.

In addition, within the framework of the European Horizon 2020 programme and the PPP 5G, COMSA Corporación is part of a consortium of 19 European organisations that have been positively assessed for the implementation of the 5G-PICTURE investigation proposal. This project aims to transform traditional static and closed network infrastructures into scalable and elastic open ecosystems, with the objective of supporting new types of connectivity, offering high mobility and creating critical new services in telecommunication networks for industries such as rail. Thanks to its use, new business models can be created to offer advanced services with better quality, cost, and energy efficiency.

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