COMSA Corporación grows 5% driven by its international expansion


03/15/2018 – COMSA Corporación closed the year 2017 with a 5% growth in its turnover, which amounts to 1,080 million Euros. During the past year, the business group promoted the export of its main business areas, Infrastructure and Industrial Engineering, achieving that 60% of these sales came exclusively from international activity.

Infrastructure and Industrial Engineering
Following the commitments established in the refinancing plan signed at the end of 2016, COMSA Corporación has focused on markets with high opportunities for the development of new infrastructures and modernization of the already existing ones. For this reason, during the past year, the group acceded to Denmark with a relevant contract for the construction of the tram in the city of Odense. At the same time, it consolidated its presence in strategic countries in Latin America and Europe: in Brazil, it maintains the second phase construction of Line 4 of the Sao Paulo metro; in Argentina and Uruguay, with various railway refurbishment contracts; in Lithuania, with a project for the modernization of a tram of the Baltic motorway executed by its subsidiary Kauno Tiltai; in France and Switzerland, where it carries out the maintenance of the electrical and communication facilities for CERN; and in Colombia, with the supply, installation and commissioning of the electromechanical equipment and control systems for the La Línea tunnel.

At a national level, COMSA Corporación has expanded its portfolio with the private sector. In this line, it has reinforced its portfolio in emblematic buildings, installations and systems, electrical transmission and distribution, solutions for the biopharmaceutical industry, telecommunications and maintenance and services. Among the most important contracts, it stands out the construction of the Johan Cruyff stadium for FC Barcelona; the electrical network of the Ofimático park in A Coruña; the design and installation of the pharmaceutical architecture for a new plant for Laboratorios Calier in León; framework agreements for the supply and maintenance of networks and telecommunications for Aena, Cellnex, REE and Vodafone; various medium and low voltage works contracts for Endesa, Iberdrola and Unión Fenosa; as well as the maintenance of Mutual Midat-Cyclop centers in Spain.

The strengthening of these business areas is closely linked to the commitment to the transfer of its R&D through the implementation of digital technologies such as BIM (Building Information Modelling), a methodology that allows multidimensional representation of projects in order to optimize both its construction and its maintenance and management during the whole life cycle. In this regard, COMSA Corporación has implemented BIM in emblematic projects of its core business, such as the construction of a new pharmaceutical plant for the Laboratorios Eriochem in Montevideo (Uruguay), the expansion of the air conditioning ring at the Palma de Mallorca airport and an underground line of 220Kv for REE in Barcelona, ​​among others.

In relation to the figures for each business, the Infrastructure division, which has COMSA as its parent company, billed €700M; Industrial Engineering, led by COMSA Industrial, €184M; and maintenance and services, headed by COMSA Service, €80M. Overall, the areas that make up the group’s core business achieved sales of 964 million Euros.

Other businesses
During the past year, the Transport, Logistics and Machinery division increased its sales by 17% (€41M). Its parent company, COMSA Rail Transport , is the leading private railway company in the national market and between Spain and Portugal with a market share close to 11% of the total freight traffic by train. For its part, COMSA Concesiones billed €20M due to the management and operation of transport infrastructure and equipment. Among the most emblematic milestones, Line 1 of the Murcia Tram reached 26 million passengers since its launch in 2011.

COMSA Medio Ambiente, which includes the treatment and recovery of industrial waste, increased its sales by approximately 22% (€28M). During the past year, its plant in Massalfassar (Valencia) managed more than 130,000 tons of waste. COMSA Renovables, specialized in the management of sustainable energy projects, was awarded the Gas Natural Fenosa contract for the operation and maintenance of the La Rabia wind farm in Jerez de la Frontera (22MW). The division closed the year with €189M of investment in its renewable assets.

Finally, the Technology division achieved sales for €15M. Adasa assumed the supply and installation of a network of 30 hydrometeorological stations for the São Tomé and Principe early warning project. Egatel provided medium power transmitters for the deployment of digital television in the Fiji Islands.

COMSA Corporación has continued with the process of selling non-strategic assets considered in the refinancing plan. In this line, in 2017, it completed disinvestments in Aigües de Catalunya, specialized in the overall water management, and COMSA Aparcamientos, a company for the exploitation of various concession car parks.

According to Jorge Miarnau, president of COMSA Corporación, “our firm commitment to export and the concentration of our activities around the head businesses have allowed us to close this year by fully complying with the objectives set in the refinancing plan agreed with the financial entities and, at the same time, establish solid goals for the coming years in order to consolidate this growth trend”.

“The full satisfaction of our customers, the investment in applied innovation and commitment to society and the environment should continue to be the values ​​that mark our day-to-day work as an international benchmark constructor company,” he added.

COMSA Corporación crece un 5% impulsada por su expansión internacionalDuplication of the track between the stations of Tibble and Visinge in Taby (Sweden)

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