COMSA will build two access tunnels to the E4 motorway in Stockholm (Sweden)

06/21/2018 – COMSA has been awarded the second infrastructure contract in Sweden. The company will design and build the access tunnels to the Stockholm bypass of the E4 motorway in Skärholmen, a south-eastern district of the country’s capital.

Trafikverket, the Swedish transport and infrastructures administration, has placed its trust in COMSA to design and build both tunnels (each measuring approximately 250 metres long), the spaces for housing the ventilation systems as well as a pedestrian walkway and bicycle lane along with its lighting. Additionally, while the work is being carried out, the company will relocate the existing services, divert the motorway and determine the provisional accesses to the area. The contract amounts to 32 million Euros.

The new Stockholm bypass will connect the southern and northern areas of the province with the same name for the purpose of lightening the traffic on the main roads as well as the internal traffic in the capital. Trafikverket estimates that by the year 2035 this infrastructure will be used by nearly 140,000 vehicles every day.

Recently, COMSA has finished its first project in the country, which was awarded in 2016, and has involved the commissioning of the railway track duplication between the stations of Tibble and Visinge in the city of Täby, which is located in the north east of Stockholm. The company has also finished rebuilding platforms and installations for three stations and crossings, building and widening underpasses and overpasses for bicycles and pedestrians as well as completing electrical, signalling and telecommunications works.

Through this new contract, the construction company of the COMSA Corporación group consolidates its plan of internationalising its main business of infrastructure towards high demand northern European markets, which is a geographical area where it has a stable presence, besides Sweden, in Denmark, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. In these last three countries through its subsidiaries Trackja PRKiL and Kauno Tiltai. Recently, Kauno Tiltai has been awarded a joint venture contract, worth 29 million Euros, for the modernisation of the Lithuania northeast electrical transmission system as a previous step to its interconnection with the European energy network.

COMSA construirá dos túneles de acceso a la autopista E4 en Estocolmo (Suecia)Render of the access tunnels to the E4 motorway in Skärholmen (Stockholm)

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