COMSA extends the rail link from the Port of Vilagarcía (Pontevedra)

The board of directors of the Arousa port authority (Pontevedra) has awarded a project to COMSA to expand the port’s railway infrastructure. Specifically, the rail link to the ‘Comercial? and ‘Comboa’ wharves located to the south of the port. The work, valued at 5.9 million euros has a deadline of 10 months and will be completed with a second phase which will take the rail connection to the Ferrazo wahrf as well.

COMSA’s has opted to implement the work with a technical solution that resembles a tramway, tracks embedded in the asphalt. As a result pedestrians will have wider pavements and new street lamps, benches that will allow for new parking places and create a bicycle track around the newly laid out plot.

The project aims to free up the O Ramal wharf which in the future will become a terminal for cruise liners. With the expansion of the rail service to the southern wharfs, – where there is most commercial activity-, the port of Arousa underlines its commitment to intermodal systems and gains in competitiveness and operational capacity.



(Foto Puerto de Vilagarcía de Arousa, Pontevedra)

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