CLD: sustainable facilities in L’Hospitalet (Barcelona)

In line with its spirit of continuous improvement and commitment to the environment, CLD has recently transferred its corporate headquarters to L’Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona), a modern facility designed and built following strict sustainability criteria.

The company, specializing in street cleaning and the collection of urban waste, occupies premises of 4,000 m2, consisting of a building of approximately 3,350 m2 and a large exterior area. The facility has been designed to optimize energy efficiency. The building’s roof is installed with solar panels resulting in a reduction in energy consumption for lighting as well as for hot water.

Recarga de combustible

With this in mind, specific areas have been created to classify and manage the facility’s own waste. The car wash is attached to a water treatment plant in which the water, after being subject to physical, chemical and biological treatment, is returned to the carwash to be used in the first rinse process, thus saving almost 75% in water consumption.

The facilities include a large car park with space for over 100 vehicles –of which 80% are heavy vehicles-, and a compressed natural gas plant that supplies fuel to the CLD fleet, substituting gasoil and reducing CO2 emissions.

CLD has over 80 years experience and is part of the Environment business of COMSA EMTE.

If you want to consult the photo archieve of CLD’s installations, click here.

If you want to know more information about CLD’s activities, see this video:

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