COMSA Corporación factura 1.101 millones de euros en 2018

09/04/2019 – COMSA Corporación has maintained, yet another year, its growth trend and closed 2018 with global sales of 1.101 billion euros, representing an increase of 1.5% over the previous year. In line with the strategic plan in force, the business group continues to concentrate its activity around its core business, the Infrastructures, Industrial Engineering and Maintenance and Services businesses, which amount to 1.021 billion euros, 93% of its total turnover.

On the other hand, internationalisation continues to be one of the key axes of its strategy. In this regard, in 2018 the value of its contract portfolio increased to 1.717 billion euros, 63% of which come from outside Spain. As a consequence of this, the group also reinforced its workforce, reaching 8,399 employees at 31 December, 8% more than in 2017. Of all of them, 54% perform their duties abroad.

Core business
COMSA Corporación continues to expand its portfolio of private clients in the domestic market as a result of its portfolio of comprehensive services, especially for building projects and industrial installations, and with the added value of offering innovative methodologies and technologies to facilitate the control, supervision and monitoring of works. Under these criteria, among the most emblematic works undertaken are the Johan Cruyff stadium of FC Barcelona, the new winery of the Perelada group in Girona and the headquarters of Natura Bissé in Cerdanyola del Vallès (Barcelona), contracts executed jointly by the construction company COMSA and COMSA Industrial engineering services.

At the same time, as a result of the greater specialisation demanded by the sector, the Maintenance and Services area has promoted two new companies: on the one hand, COMSA Solutions, which offers auxiliary services for buildings, such as cleaning, caretaking, gardening, etc.; and on the other, COMSA Security, which promotes the installation and maintenance of security devices connected to video surveillance centres. Both companies, with only a few months of activity, already won relevant contracts during 2018, such as the cleaning of Gas Natural premises and buildings in Spain and the maintenance of security equipment at the Mas d’Enric prison in El Catllar (Tarragona).

In the international arena, the group continues with the process of exporting its high specialisation to strategic markets in Latin America and Northern and Eastern Europe. In this line, it has expanded its presence in Sweden, where it has been awarded the design and construction of two 250-metre tunnels that will give access to the Stockholm ring road, and in Colombia, with the excavation of the Amagá tunnels belonging to the Pacífico 1 motorway, the supply and maintenance of the traffic control networks in the Bogotá-Villavicencio Corridor and the start-up of intelligent transport systems in the La Línea Tunnel. At the same time, the tramway in the city of Odense (Denmark), the second phase of L4 of the Sao Paulo Metro underground train network (Brazil), is in operation and has renewed and extended the contracts for installations and telecommunications at the headquarters of CERN, the largest particle accelerator in the world (France and Switzerland).

In figures, the Infrastructure division, which has COMSA as its parent company, billed €752 million; the Industrial Engineering division, led by COMSA Industrial, €183 million; and Maintenance and Services, headed by COMSA Service, €86 million.

Additional activities
Also in line with the corporation’s Strategic Plan, during 2018, the group successfully carried out divestment transactions with assets belonging to additional activities. In this regard, it divested the entire Transport and Logistics unit, with the sale of its stake in COMSA Rail Transport, and the Industrial Waste division.

In the area of concessions, COMSA Corporación forged an alliance with the French fund, Mirova, with the aim of jointly managing, through the MIRCOM vehicle, part of its assets (Málaga Metro underground train network, Terrassa and La Bisbal del Empordà courts, the Mas d’Enric prison in Tarragona and the signalling company, Albali) and, at the same time, to bid in a consortium for infrastructure concession projects that may arise in the future.

For its part, COMSA Renovables, which specialises in the management of sustainable energy projects, had as its main milestone in 2018 the commissioning of a 1.3MW solar plant on Isla de la Sal (Cape Verde) and the supply of 90,000 tonnes of forest biomass for thermal use in Catalonia.

COMSA Corporación is also active in radiofrequency broadcasting (Egatel), water technology (Adasa) and the valuation of end-of-life tyres (GMN).

Innovation and responsible management
COMSA Corporación’s commitment to technology transfer has taken a step forward. At the end of last year, it launched the first edition of ‘The InnCom Challenge’, an initiative aimed at accompanying the market with innovative solutions applied to the fields of digitalisation of construction and energy efficiency in installation management. Altogether, 150 proposals were received from 134 countries and, in the coming weeks, those reaching the final phase will be announced.

On the other hand, regarding responsible management, the group presented the first Corporate Social Responsibility Report, which compiles its achievements and future challenges aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Among other developments, it calculated for the first time the carbon footprint linked to its activity and applied building standards to promote the efficient use of water, energy and materials.

According to Jorge Miarnau, chairman of COMSA Corporación: “We are maintaining continuous growth, in line with the path established in the 2017-2020 plan, and derived from the export of our centennial specialisation, the search for excellence in relations with our clients, incorporating new methodologies and high added value technologies, as well as building alliances with strategic partners to face the challenges ahead in the field of mobility”.

For Jorge Miarnau: “Economic objectives must be in line with the achievement of the ambitious social and environmental goals we set ourselves. In this regard, as a company highly committed to the environment, we aspire to perpetuate the creation of quality employment, encourage energy efficiency in order to promote more sustainable territories and, ultimately, continue working for the economic and social development of the communities where we carry out our activity”, he stressed.

About COMSA Corporación
COMSA Corporación is the biggest unlisted Spanish group in the infrastructure and engineering sector. The business group has a turnover of 1.101 billion euros, manages a workforce of around 8,400 people and is active in 24 countries.

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