Trakcja and COMSA to modernise the Warsaw Gdansk Station (Poland)

The companies COMSA and Trakcja PRKiI, the subsidiary of the COMSA EMTE group in Poland, have won a contract for the modernisation of the railway infrastructure, the overhead contact line and the telecommunication systems of the Warsaw Gdansk train station (Poland).

Worth 10.46 million euros, the works include the refurbishment of eight kilometres of railway line and the installation of ten kilometres of overhead contact line. In addition, the companies will carry out works involving signalling and communications, improvement of the drainage system, power supply and telecommunications. The contract also includes the improvement of two adjoining railway facilities and construction of a new platform for the station, which will connect to an existing pedestrian underpass.

Trakcja will be responsible for executing the works, while COMSA will contribute its more than 120 years of experience in the construction and maintenance of high-speed rail infrastructure and urban and conventional railway networks, offering advice and technical and human support in the implementation of the project.

Overpass in Lódz
Trakcja has also recently been awarded a contract for the construction of a railway overpass in the Polish city of Lódz worth a total of 13.41 million euros.

Following an open public consultation process, it was agreed to raise the stretch of railway line connecting the stations of Lódz Fabryczna and Lódz Widzew, currently situated at ground level. An underpass for the crossing of vehicles will also be provided. Once the work is complete, this will be the main north-south axis of connection in the city of Lódz.

Trakcja y COMSA modernizarán la estación de Varsovia Gdansk (Polonia)

Trakcja will be responsible for executing the works in the Warsaw Gdansk Station

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