Cleaning tasks for fire prevention on conventional railway lines

Adif has awarded, in a joint venture between COMSA and Mantenimiento de Infraestructuras, a contract for 4.4 MEUR for work in the area of fire prevention on the conventional railway network in the northern zone. The activities to be carried out involve forestry work (felling, clearing of scrub, pruning, chemical defoliation and herbicide treatment), aimed at avoiding the outbreak or the propagation of fire. Likewise, elements that will contribute to the prevention and extinguishing of fires, such as a firewall, will also be constructed.

The aim of this contract, which will be in place during 2012-2013, consists in the carrying out of risk prevention projects on the side of the tracks on the conventional network, on their installations, in roads with high tension power lines and in the Adif optic fibre.

With regards fire prevention, the perseverance and frequency of these projects will permit the areas treated to remain in optimum conditions during times of risk, regardless of the weather conditions.

Trabajos de limpieza para la prevención de incendios en líneas férreas convencionales

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