Idneo presents a new ‘low cost’ monitoring system for containers

As part of the celebration of the International Logistics and Material Handling Exhibition (SIL) Idneo has presented this morning in Barcelona POLOS, a new low cost monitoring system for containers which allows the protection of goods from loss or theft.

Among the main novelties of POLOS is its autonomy with a long life battery (up to five years, well above the standard). Developed entirely by Idneo, POLOS incorporates an accelerometer that detects any type of movement by the containers and sensors that report on light levels, humidity, pressure or CO2 in the containers that store the goods. In this way it offers the possibility of creating a network of containers that communicate between themselves, thus facilitating monitoring and the immediate detection of any anomaly.

With the launch of POLOS, Idneo puts onto the market an innovative product which optimizes cost as its price, (around 100€), is three times lower than other devices. POLOS is the first container location device that combines different wireless communication technologies.

Besides its application in the logistics chain, POLOS is useful for numerous other sectors as it can  monitor other high-value equipment such as construction machinery or electric generators. The engineering company is studying new applications for the device and plans to sell about 10,000 units in 2013.


Presentación POLOS

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