COMSA Industrial implements a system of video surveillance and traffic control in Casablanca (Morocco)

COMSA Industrial has been awarded a joint venture contract for the installation and operation of a video monitoring system to strengthen urban surveillance capabilities and improve traffic control in the Moroccan city of Casablanca. This is the first project of this type that the company has carried out in the country.

The engineering company belonging to COMSA Corporación will equip the city with 760 closed-circuit cameras and 220 kilometres of optical fibre that will transmit images to two central stations, located in the Town Hall and the Prefecture of Police. The system will also utilise the existing cameras, located in public institutions and transport infrastructure, such as the tram system, the airport and the ports of Casablanca and Mohammedia.

Through the application of artificial intelligence techniques, the system will allow the automatic detection of traffic incidents, such as driving in the wrong direction, speeding or the lack of sufficient parking for the cars currently circulating. It will also facilitate the detection of obstacles and abandoned objects, and the identification and tracking of stolen vehicles, among other activities. In this way, managers will be provided with real-time information for decision-making in relation to safety and traffic regulation.

With the award of this contract, worth 40 million Euros, COMSA Industrial consolidates its presence in Morocco, where the company is already working for the country’s major airports, supplying passenger boarding bridges and support systems for air navigation.

COMSA Industrial implantará un sistema de video vigilancia y control de tráfico en Casablanca (Marruecos)Imagen de la ciudad de Casablanca

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