Campaign by CLD and Barcelona City Council on the importance of recycling

CLD, a COMSA EMTE company with over 80 years dedicated to urban services management, has participated with Barcelona City Council in a series of campaigns on waste recycling and cleanliness in the city. The company, responsible for managing municipal waste in over 60 Catalan municipalities, has been involved in several communication actions in recent months with the aim of raising awareness amongst citizens, children and adults, regarding the importance of recycling and keeping the city clean.

CLD has sought to convey its working methods to the locals so they can collaborate at home and be aware of the waste management process from the moment they place rubbish in containers. One of the most successful campaigns was a  children’s story to explain to young people how waste is recycled, what the colours of the containers are and what to place in
each of them.

The campaigns where CLD has participated include the Apps Jam Recycle marathon where ideas were requested relating to a mobile application based on a game designed to learn how to recycle; the “Renew your books” campaign, which promoted the exchange of books during the Sant Jordi festival; and the promotion of the Mobile School Green Point, an initiative that aims to educate and raise awareness about recycling and sustainability in those schools that request it.
Campaña de CLD y el Ayuntamiento de Barcelona sobre la importancia del reciclaje

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