Adasa supports the Disaster Risk Mitigation program of Moldova

The Moldovan Ministry of Environmental Affairs, through the State Hydrometeorological Service (SHS), has awarded Adasa with the supply of the weather stations system of the country.

The project is led by the water and environment technology’s company of the COMSA EMTE group and is framed in the ‘Disaster Risk Mitigation’ program of the country. Its main goal is to reduce the disaster risk of weather phenomenon, a critical factor for the sustainable economic and social development of the country.

The geographic location of Moldova determines the moderate continental climate, which transitions from an Atlantic Ocean climate to an East-European continental one. This transitional climatic character causes hydrometeorological hazards, such as flood, drought, frost and windstorm, which adversely affect the national economy. In 2007, Moldova experienced its most severe drought in living memory—estimated losses in the agricultural sector approached $1 billion. Moldova also suffered from severe floods in 2008 that resulted in estimated losses of $120 million.

Adasa participa en el programa de gestión de desastres naturales y riesgos climáticos de Moldavia Weather stations in Moldova

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