Adasa presents its collaborative strategy in a conference on innovation in the water sector

Adasa, a company specialising in hydraulic and environmental technological solutions and part of the COMSA EMTE group, took part in a conference on technological innovation in the treatment and management of water organised by the Círculo Tecnológico de Cataluña (CTecno) in Girona on 13 February.

The director of products and solutions at Adasa, Jordi Cros, was one of the speakers at the round table ‘Collaborative leadership to promote innovation in the water sector’. Cros outlined the company’s strategy of ongoing collaboration with the leading players in the sector with the aim of developing technological innovations that meet the demands of society. “In the current environment, only a strategy of effective collaboration with the centres of knowledge and with competitors, together with the definition of a common roadmap by the different actors in the sector, will enable us to achieve the balance of innovation, its application to goods and services, and its subsequent implementation in the market,” said Cros.

The water technological sub-sector in Catalonia is in good health. According to data provided during the day, it generates 2,390 million euros of business a year, brings together 55 companies employing 2,746 workers – 27% of the total for the water sector – and its export turnover is 401,000 euros a year – 55% of the total for the sector. The activities related to water treatment technologies, which generate more than 934 million euros per year, represent 39% of the sub-sector. Of the rest, 52% is related to the management of public services and 9% to capital goods.

The main objective of the conference, which was attended by experts and professionals from the sector, was to stimulate technological innovation in the treatment and management of water, specifically in the geographical area of Girona, where companies from various sectors depend on this resource and want to optimise its use.

Adasa expone su estrategia basada en el conocimiento compartido en una jornada sobre innovación en el sector del agua

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